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Fethiye Turkey Guide

Fethiye famous for its Paragliding and incredible coastline.

We leave in the morning from Kas and drive to Saklikent Gorge where we had some great lunch at the river on a floating restaurant did some hiking between the canyon and driving farther to Fethiye where we stay at a romantic hotel in the mountains of Faralya.

You can also choose to stay more budget at Oludeniz the town where the paragliding is organized. or Fethiye town.

Sunset Fethiye

Sakliketn George

Saklikent Gorge is the second-largest ( 18km-long) gorge in Europe, the longest and deepest gorge in Turkey, about a 40 minutes’ drive from Fethiye. It is a spectacular place, with sculpted walls soaring high above of the gorge is walkable after April when most of the snow from the Taurus Mountains has melted and passed through the gorge on its way to the Xanthos River. When you arrive, the entrance to the gorge is under the bridge over the large stream. And you have to pay entrance fee that is 6 lira each. A narrow walkway suspended from the rock wall will take you into the gorge. Once inside, you reach the Ulupinar springs where water bubbles up under great force from the base of the cliffs and you wade across the stream into the gorge proper to begin your walk.

Floating restaurant Saklikent George Turkey

Saklikent Canyon

Saklikent Gorge Canyon near Fethiye, Turkey

Saklikent Gorge Canyon near Fethiye, Turkey


Fethiye's natural harbor is perhaps the region's finest, tucked into the southern reaches of a broad bay scattered with pretty islands, including Sövalye Adası, glimpsed briefly in the James Bond film Skyfall.

Fethiye also makes a good base for visiting Ölüdeniz, one of Turkey's seaside hot-spots and the town for paragliding.

Fethiye was hit by an earthquake in 1958, but it rose again to become a flourishing holiday spot. The place comes with , an atmospheric old town a marina filled with yachts, along with plenty of bars and restaurants.

A bus or water taxi can whizz you across the bay to the nearest beach at Calis. It’s a lovely long strip here, with the sand and shingle dipping gently into crystal-clear waters. And the whole stretch is backed by bars and restaurants serving up snacks, cold drinks and lunches, making it an easy place to while away a day.

Sunset Fethiye

Butterfly Valley a boat trip away from Fethiye is a big draw. It’s got plunging cliffs, white sands and, yes, butterflies. You can camp overnight to soak up the tranquillity. A 40-minute dolmus ride takes you to the ghost town of Kayakoy, abandoned nearly 100 years ago. There’s something eerily atmospheric about the crumbling houses and churches.

Turkish Breakfast

Sunset Fethiye

Paragliding Oludeniz beach Fethiye

There is one of the highest commercial take-off sites in the world

Babadag Mountain located near the Oludeniz beach and Hisaronu.6500 ft (1960 m) high.

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Paragliding from Babadag Oludeniz Mountain the best in Europe along one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

Sea, beach, hotels, bars, pubs, festivals and sports. All in one. Oludeniz. Also well-known worldwide as Blue Lagoon.

It's not an extreme sport. Actually, paragliding is one of the easiest sport to learn. Imagine it as a sightseeing tour from the air. You will take off from the top of Babadag mountain and start a slow descent floating to the sandy beach with highly experienced pilots.

Paragliding Oludeniz Fethiye

Things to do in Fethiye:

  1. Paragliding

  2. Fethiye Old Town

  3. Saklıkent Gorge Canyon

  4. Boat trip to Butterfly beach

  5. View point Butterfly beach

  6. Fethiye Rock Tombs

  7. Ölüdeniz Beaches

  8. Kayaköy has many ruins left from the population exchange between Turkey and Greece

  9. Patara is home to Turkey's longest strip of sand, so it's the perfect spot for a beach

  10. Hiking in the surrounding areas is popular because Fethiye is the start of the Lycian way trek

view point Butterfly Beach

Paragliding Fethiye

Boat trip to Butterfly beach

Fethiye Turkey

Sunset Butterfly beach Fethiye

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